Empowered Boost This happens when the glycogen stores in the body are at a minimum level and have not yet had time to replenish. In this case, the body will immediately begin to draw energy from body fat. Immediately after strength training. Glycogen reserves are depleted after performing heavy basic exercises. And internal metabolism is already tuned to the stage of fat metabolism. So a run lasting 40 minutes after a strength training will only burn fatty energy reserves, not carbohydrate. Immediately after sleep. As soon as you wake up and have not yet had breakfast, your body is in mild inhibition. In this state, any physical activity will cause much more energy than usual. Accordingly, fat metabolism will occur faster. After work. If your work is related to mental activity, then usually at the end of the day your glycogen stores are almost exhausted. This is due to the fact that mental activity, as energy, as well as heavy physical exercise, consumes mainly carbohydrates. Naturally, if after this you give the body an aerobic load, it will begin to burn fats almost immediately after it begins. In conclusion, I would like to say that regular aerobic exercise leads to increased appetite. It’s good, eat more and don’t be afraid that it will make you fatter. In addition, the more you eat, the more muscle anabolism accelerates! This is a wonderful paradox of aerobic exercise - you lose weight at the same time, making the muscles more prominent, and become larger, increasing their volume! By the way, having finished with the relief and again taking up work on muscle growth, As soon as the first chords of heavy music begin to be heard from your speakers, a powerful acoustic field arises around you.
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