evaria face serum moisturizing that she could use both morning and night in the day of course my SPF is the beet shield by crave beauty I absolutely love it I love the texture of it it's kind of like almost condensed milk like texture it's really amazing so this one right here that I'm showing you is almost empty so I bought another one people love crave beauty so I find this to be a very interesting SPF I was really confused by it the first time I read the ingredients of it are you looking at the ingredients you have thoughts I just I'm just gonna shut up and let you go no I just think if pikmin her taste for primary issues she doesn't she doesn't have an FDA regulated SPF in fact did you guys notice the bottle didn't say SPF on it that's why it was confusing to me so it was confusing I know a little bit about the crave story and I know that it's like certain skincare ingredients that they can't import into the u.s. without FDA approval but that also means it doesn't
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