ften think that

ften think that in the middle of the night, who is the handsome figure in my mind is uncertain; who is the graceful word wind in my heart. Is she? Will it be the lover of the patriarchal? At first sight, "Changji Xiting is a day, intoxicated, I don't know where to return. I am going back to the boat late, and straying into the depths of the flowers-----" I remember that when I first read this word, I would inevitably have such a playfulness in my mind. Li Qingzhao. In the mid-summer creek, rowing out, but too obsessed but trapped in the depths of the flowers, so intoxicated, lost the way home. However, because of such encounters, I wrote such innocent and romantic words, which made me remember, and I have never forgotten that innocent and lovely Li Qingzhao. See also "a kind of lovesickness, two leisure, this situation can not be eliminated before the brow, but on the heart." When she saw her again, Li Qingzhao had married another woman, separated from her beloved husband, That kind of thoughts turned into a thick, arrogant lock on her green hills, but because of that thought was tortured "people are thinner than yellow flowers mokingusacigarettes.com." At this time, Li Qingzhao��s heart was turned into a lingering poem because of the deep loneliness and the separation of her husband. It can��t help but make people feel sad. Li Qingzhao, who was originally pure and happy, is gone forever, leaving this deep and bitter person. Goodbye, "Cold and clear, miserable and miserable ------" Today, Li Qingzhao is already alone. The country��s broken, family-death, and triple-strike of her husband��s death make her feel that ��the things are people��s affairs, The tears flow first, and the full-fledged ambiguity is nowhere to confide and cannot be dismissed. Finalization for the "�����" and spread to the ages. Such a heart-wrenching person will spend the rest of his life all day and night. Time flies Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the Iraqis are like dreams. The phrase "Today Xiang Yu, refused to cross Jiangdong", such a lofty words, did not expect to be a woman, the sorrowful "sound slow" did not expect to come from her hand. "Da Jiangdong, the wave is exhausted, the ages of the people", is Li Qingzhao! She is destined to be a wonderful work in history; it is destined to be another style in the Song literary world Marlboro Red.
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