A river of clouds

A river of clouds, a haze. After the year, whenever I walked through here, only the friendship, such as the eternal flowers, bloomed in the branches of the years, burning and burning. Walking through the food stalls along the square Carton Of Cigarettes, those fried barbecues attracted me like magnets, and I walked over. This food stall is bigger than my age, and the boss and the couple have devoted a lifetime of hard work to this food stall. I remember coming here very often. I was very familiar with the boss and I met me. The boss greeted me warmly: "I haven't seen it for a long time, what do you want to eat?" "It's still the old chicken and chips." She gave me a profit. When I got eaten, I said casually: "Your good friend has come a long time ago, why didn't you both come together!" The words stirred up a thousand waves, I chewed the French fries back to her: "Not in one The school had a rare meeting. The proprietress said that it was my girlfriend, the classmate who accompanied me through kindergarten for three years and six years of primary school. Because the family was close to playing together since childhood, the friendship of nine years was like the sea. I have eaten the same bowl of rice, passed through the same piece of clothing, and slept through the same bed... We have the same likes and dislikes, and will take care of each other's minds. After school, we will write homework together, and when we finish writing, we will go out and buy things to eat. We don't I love the high-end snacks in the supermarket, I don��t like the cheap biscuits in the grocery store, I love the fried barbecue in the square side food stall. A few pieces of a dozen pieces of snacks can satisfy our little belly Marlboro Lights, and enjoy it. From snacks to big. Of course we also quarreled The food stalls seemed to be our friendship repair station. I remember that when we had the most fierce one or the third grade, we didn��t pay attention to each other in the week. It was difficult to spend the weekend without her companionship mokingusacigarettes.com, so I ran. Buying snacks. The boss smiled and said: "How do you two good friends come in tandem? "I saw it, and I saw her sitting on the side, the table was full of all kinds of barbecues. I sighed a little embarrassedly: "Good luck, you are too!" "She is very happy: "I didn't expect you to come too, eat together!" "So the two of us smashed the table, and the boss came over and said, "You are so good, it is enviable!" "I smiled at her and smiled slowly. I spent the afternoon. Everyone tacitly did not mention the previous quarrel. Suddenly, we all said the same thing: "I will go to my house to eat!" "It��s a burst of laughter. We are sung together. We sang together, "We said that we are not separated, we have to be together all the time..." It is said that we must always be a classmate, but we are not able to graduate, and she went to "Boya". And I came to "into a chapter", even if there is still contact, but I can't get back to the previous relationship. The thoughts are pulled back, the boss said to me: "Your friend is coming often, just didn't meet you, I still chat with her. If you say good friends for so many years, don't be alienated because of reading. I have a calm face, and my heart has stirred up a thousand layers of waves. Some inexplicable sorrows and sorrows. Isn��t the friendship of many years scattered like this? Of course not, it��s just that I��m doing it, she��s still not changing. I instantly realized that this food stall witnessed the friendship between me and her. Whenever I walked through here, what was floating in front of her was always a little bit of her smile.
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