Take a leisurely

Take a leisurely pace, shuttle in the park, aimlessly, walk on the trail Marlboro Gold. It was the time of dinner that there were very few people in the park. There was no figure in the 100-meter radius. Slowly walked to the river, leaning against the fence, looking at the line of the distant waters. It��s dusk, it��s dusk, the clouds on the horizon are coated with a layer of gold yarn, floating on the sky lit by the evening glow, and a few beams of sunlight pour out from the cracks in the clouds. The sound of the child's noise is the noise of the child, the breeze is light, the river bank, the pale green wicker hanging down, gently shaking. The river, the water is shining, the blue waves are rippling. The heart is good, and I want to be indulged forever. How beautiful is nature, everything is so free. Sometimes, what is presented to the people is that "the squandering of flowers is getting into the fascinating eyes Carton Of Cigarettes, and the assortment of shallow grasses can be without horseshoes." Sometimes it is presented to people who are "black clouds over the uncovered mountains, and white rain jumping into the boat Parliament Cigarettes." But whether nature is gentle or violent, what she shows is always her true side. She is not concealed, not afraid, not to avoid, but it is ridiculous to reveal her true true emotions. It is obvious that nature is not a living person with flesh and blood, but I admire her truth and straightforwardness. In this world, everyone has more or less masks. Every day, choose different masks and play different roles. The people in the park are getting more and more, and I look at the people of all kinds who have passed by. There are students who are studying, childish and unrelenting; they are also young people who are full of energy and youthfulness; there are also middle-aged people who have been exhausted for a day, and their faces are marked with the marks of the years; and they are old, but full of Peace and quiet, leaving the past in the depths of memory. Going to work, wearing a mask called "attentive", working overtime, and being praised by the boss, but my heart is somewhat reluctant; after work, wearing a "combination" mask, company gathering, I just wanted to go home and have a good sleep. However, because everyone has to go, I am embarrassed to be absent from this occasion, and with a smile, against my own heart, promised to come down; met a stranger, put on a "moderate" mask, leaving a kind of A gentle impression. Often forced to change into different masks, between various occasions. Sometimes, I took off my mask and tried to do it myself in front of others, but I was complained by others and had to wear the mask again. Only when the night is quiet, the mask is taken off. After I miss the mask, I am naive and simple. The one who is called the real one may wear a mask. This is not wrong, because there are always some factors in this society that prevent you from doing it forever. Real self, you can't do that simple childish one, you must consider others, and that other person may not like you, your true self. You have to hide yourself, hide behind the mask, and hide it in a deep place. Some people may have lost themselves and can't find it again. Gradually, in such a life, you slowly learn to be gentle, compromise, calm, strong, and mature. You have finally adapted to the mask, and you have learned to embrace others with smiles and tolerate the sharpness and stubbornness that once disgusted you. After a period of ups and downs, you will be quiet and quietly reminiscent of the past. Perhaps, you will laugh at your own waywardness, but mistakenly regard your waywardness as a true expression. You will understand that considering others is not the same as suppressing yourself. You can completely show your true side without respecting yourself or others. At this time, you will meet, the other side of the mask that has not been seen for a long time, strong or fragile, but please do not easily remove my mask, let me grow up alone, and finally, I will meet again for a long time without seeing the true self.
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