I am just silent

I am just silent in the soil, waiting for the spring, breaking out of the ground. - Inscription I am a humble little grass seed, lying quietly in the arms of the earth. I didn't belong here. A gust of wind brought me here. I was buried in this soil waiting for spring. I am alone, the bleak autumn wind blows [url=http://www.salesmoking.com/]Parliament Cigarettes[/url], the mother's voice echoes in the ear: "Children, even the autumn frost and snow must also be strong, the spring of the garden must be able to bloom." At the end of winter, the snow is still flying in the air, and there is no sign that a spring is coming. This winter seems to be too long to end. I seem to have waited for a century and it is not over yet. However, since winter has arrived, sprsked me to study, which made me feel annoyed, and I was perfunctory. But I can see from the rearview mirror the confusion in my father's eyes, the expression of desire and words, and my heart is full of embarrassment. When I was eating at home, my father solemnly told me that the next king had scored a perfect score, and the hand kept on the finger, which made me very dissatisfied... After dinner, I couldn��t help but feel the anger in my heart. I had a fight with my father, looking at his disrespectful and disappointed eyes. I rushed into the room and slammed the door and cried on the bed. I really don't understand what I am in my father's heart, study, study, is iing is not far off. Waiting, I continue to wait for the spring, shake off the snow in one place, and dispel the desolateness of the eyes. Accompanying me is always cold and lonely. I listened to the laughter of the children outside, and thought that after waiting, I could see the beautiful face of spring: the sun was shining [url=http://www.salesmoking.com/]Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url], the grass was flying, the happy people began to walk, the flowers were thought of here, and the sharp destruction in winter would I am down! I twisted and twisted my body for a while. When I woke up again, spring just arrived. The surroundings are full of warmth, I can't wait to break through the ground [url=http://www.buyusacigarettes.com/]Newport Cigarettes[/url], I stretched out, struggling to move up, hoping to see the spring I expected. I tried my best to jump up and finally broke through the ground. I finally saw the world I wanted to see. It was so open, so beautiful, the flowers had bloomed, and a few birds stood on the lush trees and sang. The song sings and turns, people's faces are filled with joyful smiles and sly sunshine. I open my arms and smile to meet this wonderful world.
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