Personally, I believe the addition Astellia Online Asper

Personally, I believe the addition cheap Astellia Online Asper of the Astels are strong, but my misgivings revolve primarily around the aesthetics of this Astels you receive. Yes, this is a Korean MMO, therefore there are some tropes that are expected, but it does seem a little odd to me that lots of the Astels you buy are little girls or odd anthropomorphic creatures. Despite that, appearing through the Astel cards, it had been obvious that there are loads of more stylish and dangerous appearing Astels that will surely appeal to other gamers like myself, who might not feel right summoning a group of little girls into conflict with them.

Because this is a review beforehand, there are a lot of systems for me to explore, levels to gain, and areas to conquer. I have yet to be fully enamored with this title as it stands right now, but I've been amazed before. If you're still on the fence following this trailer, then keep an eye out as I leave my verdict in the full review. Full Disclosure: Astellia is represented by Team Critical Strike, a games PR company co-founded by former MMORPG Managing Editor Bill Murphy. Review code has been supplied to MMORPG for the purposes of the review.

Astellia, like many Korean MMORPGs, seems good on the surface. It has some wonderful visual effects, combat is flashy enough to capture your eye, and character designs are appealing without appearing too gratuitous. It is too bad then those initial impressions do not carry over into the game as a whole.

The elevator pitch for Astellia is simple: This is a traditionally Astellia Online Asper designed Korean MMORPG which has a heavy focus on style and flashy designs while employing a character collection mechanic, similar in some ways to Pokemon or gacha mobile games, for spirits aptly named Astels that help you in battle. It's a bit like having a pet, but they're typically far less complex and not restricted by class in any way. I'll talk about that system more later.

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