California Divorce Records Online Provider

The California Department of Health Services is primarily tasked to care for California Divorce Records. As per the law, individuals can only obtain certified copies of the actual divorce decrees from the Superior Court in the county where the termination of marriage was filed. Nonetheless, the CDPH Vital Records Office can give out but a Certificate of Record only which covers documents for dissolution of marriage recorded between 1962 and June 1984.

By definition, a Certificate of Record is not deemed as an authorized copy of the divorce decree and will not tell if the breakup was ever finalized in court or otherwise. This kind of file Find Out More usually encompasses the separating couple?s names, the county where the separation was filed and the court case number. For this sort of application, a normal turnaround period of 6 months should be permitted. A cost of $13 per copy is necessitated, payable through check or money order.


Given that you?re confident the information you?re after can be obtained from the CDPH, the next procedure would be to learn if you?re competent to receive a certified copy or just an informational copy. Authorized duplicates are solely given if the requester is the individual whose name is mentioned on the paper, his or her parents and other folks or bodies mentioned in the law. All other requesters are permitted to get an informational copy.

The most painless and high-speed method to look for this data is to check over several government web pages. You will usually be needed to key in the name, age and address of your subject. Complimentary services are voluminous in the Web, but be wary for they may only leave you with pain and problems. For comfort, selecting a paid service provider is a wise idea.

The Free California Divorce Records fee-based type is more desirable than those that require no cost at all for different reasons. Aside from the truth that it?s quick and effortless, this kind of service sustains your privacy while searching by allowing you to conduct the course at your most preferred place without anyone?s knowledge on what you?re performing. Additionally, it?s certainly productive in terms of cost with money-back guarantee.

If you ever have needed of any supporting file for whatever legal transaction, Divorce Records can be the perfect kind of document you ought to have. More often than not, they contain the personal specifics of the separating individuals, as well as their offspring, when and where of the event, resource division, alimony, filing number, children custody, causes for the split, restraining orders and so forth. Currently, this piece of document is most looked-for for either image personal or legal purposes.
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