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Will Rayne Strongheart is a Native American producer, rapper, model, and actor from Keeseekoose Saulteaux Nation, located in Saskatchewan Canada. At present time, he resides in Pratt Kansas and is preparing to diversify as well as expand his book via TFCDs or TFPs.

Will provide a look that allow him to transcend to different ethnicities. His appearance is very versatile and can range from contemporary t classic looks depending on the project or work that is given to him. He achieves any assignments with great attitude and professionalism and is always prepared to reach or even surpass different challenges that may arise in his way.

Aside from being an actor, Will Strongheart is also committed to achieving ecological balance. As a native American himself, Rayne Strongheart joined the CANA foundation as it aligns with his goals to restore the ecological balance responsibly in the environment via various rewilding initiatives. Through the help of CANA foundation, he was able to give a sustainable support to the environment with a greater emphasis on the connection between the value for land conservation and habitat, the wild horses of America and its impacts on the future.

The best thing about Will Strongheart is his commitment towards helping other people most especially those who live in North America. He performed music and at the same time facilitated workshops. Through the help of other musicians, they were able to perform in various settings, which encouraged them to continue inspiring others. He uses his passion and love for music to create awareness about the issues our society is facing. He became more passionate in helping both people and animals. He believes that just like humans, animals need love and care too. He is indeed a man with a heart and it is evident on his great contributions in the society.

Will Rayne is also providing great effort and support for the native American communities by acknowledging their great understanding and strong respect for horses and nature, allowing the rewilding of the native lands and all people. The essential actions of Will Strongheart result a shift in the global education and awareness for the conservation of land and the importance of rewilding for the planet and human beings. Through the Giving Wheel program of CANA foundation, they were able to establish an unlimited commitment to education, inspiration and action, allowing other people to push their projects forward.

CANA Foundation and Will are empowered to make difference and meaningful changes to the land, wild horses, and the people through generous donations and grants. Their humanitarian and environmental projects are connected to meaningful causes with the individual concerns and passions.
wild horses environment

The Giving Wheel of CANA Foundation and Will Strongheart continual motion to inspire, act, and educate people gives their project a momentum for change. The balanace, harmony and sustainability in the land together with its inhabitants are restored through the positive and unbroken movement of their programs. With his kind of balance, it is easy for Will and the CANA foundation to bring the sky and earth are together to meet in the middle of ground. Through the aid of grants and donations, they’re completely empowered to establish great changes by helping the indigenous people, our environment and the wild.

It is in the nature of most actors to be convincing in their roles and portray accurately all the elements to the audience. Successful actors believe that they can inspire other actors through their skills and abilities. Since people always want to see something new, the need for new actors is continue growing. Because of this, many individuals are now in search for effective ways to become part of the industry and show the world what they really got. Will Strongheart is just one of the many actors who already have an established name in the industry. This is may be because of his skills and abilities, which set him apart from any other actors out there.

As an actor, he is aware about his duties and responsibilities. His commitmen
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