Your brain is your GenBrain most powerful tool and keeping it well tuned can help overall health in the long run. Be wary of drugs that can boost brain power and seem too good to be true. Avoid stress, eat right, and sleep well and your brain will not fail you. GenBrain Dell manufactured series of Laptops for the purpose of being used at home and in business. These laptops are able to withstand spills, moisture and falls to an limited extent. Introducing the latest technology which was inculcated in the laptops where the hard drive shuts off as soon as the laptop enters a state of free fall in order to avoid crucial data loss. GenBrain series from Dell are relatively lightweight and size is even not that bulky. Dell Vostro is available in the size from 8.9" inches to 17" and it is powered with some high performing processors from AMD to Intel Core Duo.

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