Reusable Packaging in Logistics and Transport

Reusable or returnable packaging is designed to be used multiple times. Reuse is especially beneficial for durability, ease of use, ease of cleaning, ease of repair. Reusable packaging is also easily nestable.

Some companies also invest in the recycling of normally-disposable packaging, such as lightweight plastic bags or cardboard boxes. Simply, in this case, the thus recycled packaging is used for other purposes.

Reusable packaging includes end-user packaging such as a water bottle, reusable big bag, or beeswax reusable food packaging. There is also packaging used in transport and logistics. These are the last ones we'll talk about in this article.

The main types of reusable packaging
There are several categories of recyclable packaging that are commonly found in the industry. Here are some examples :

Reusable pallets;
Pallet collars;
Reusable envelopes and thongs;
Reusable portable containers;
Reusable bulk containers;
Reusable rigging ...

The benefits of reusable packaging
The reuse of packaging is an option that interests more and more companies. This helps to improve the economic results, thanks to the durability of the packaging. It also allows the industry to have better social benefits.

Economic benefits
The reuse of some packaging makes it possible to have a better productivity because these, precisely, respond better to the needs of the logistics, in particular for the rapidity of the chains of production. At the same time, reusable packaging offers better ergonomics, reducing the risk of injury to employees.

They are also associated with better protection of parts during handling and during transport. The storage and transport performances, precisely, result from their superior resistance to the stacking of full containers. Then when empty, these packages are easily nestable.

The industry avoids, at least in part, disposable or consumable packaging, thus reducing the costs of recycling. Reusable packaging also provides better protection for goods, which reduces the cost of destroying unsaleable products. Nor does the industry have to invest in the purchase of goods that replace unsaleable goods.

Social benefits
Reusable packaging is unanimous in terms of ergonomics. Portable containers with handles or hinged doors allow, for example, the handlers to handle the goods without taking risks
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