Free Access To Lubbock Arrest Records

The local residents in Lubbock can now help in preventing and solving crimes for they are now capable of doing the search on Lubbock County Arrest Records. This comes as a privilege given by the local government through an existing law which promotes freedom of information. And so, the citizens in the county can do the search via mail, email or in-person request. You only have to find-out the entire procedure on how things work along the way. Note that each county has different styles and process on how they accommodate the records requests from the local citizens.


The Sheriff?s Department in the County has all the documents showing the warrant of arrest, arrest reports, criminal files including misdemeanor and felony cases. All these pieces of information can be of great help when you are running a background check on someone. These are resources which will help you secure your family and loved ones from the bad elements in the community more especially if you have just moved in the area. Apart from the Sheriff?s office, anyone can also go to the county?s Detention Center in person or make a image phone call if you wish to inquire regarding the arrest details of someone.

More so, individuals can pay a visit to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice where you can perform an inmate search and you can also go to the Texas Department of Public Safety where you get to obtain someone?s arrest history. All these law enforcement offices in the county have websites where you can run an online search on the said legal documents. The fee should not exceed to $30.00 per copy and is payable through cash, money order, or check. You only have to comply with the paper requirements like presenting a valid ID such as your driver?s license, passport, health card, social security number or a company ID. The ID must show your current picture and your address to show that you are a legitimate citizen in Lubbock.

The District Clerk and the County Clerk are also authorized to divulge such information. However, the sheriff?s office provides more details of it as it is the place where all the arrests are documented. But if you don?t want a very detailed report you can just do the request via online by contacting the office through their contact form which was incorporated on their website. Companies who are screening for new employees can greatly benefit from these databases so that they will be able to hire individuals with clean records.

Today, searches on Lubbock County Criminal Records can be executed via online without the need to tap the services of these law enforcement units. In other words, you can do it on your own at home with the aid of an online records archive. This online archive is designed to supply whoever wants to do a quick search on a person?s arrest record. Their data have been derived from trusted sources which mean they are authentic and reliable to be leveraged for whatever legal purposes. So, you now have a choice whether you go online or do the typical government procedure.
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