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f and fly again on the new life track, like the eagle. Never give up: the gymnastics mother's son has been controlled. German gymnastics veteran Chusovakina is no stranger to us. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, in order to raise money for her son's illness, the scene of competing with a group of ten or twenty-year-old girls in the gymnastics field is still moving. This year, she once again stood on the field and became the only athlete in the history of gymnastics to participate in five Olympic Games. He is a great, selfless mother, and she never gives up, so that this Chinese person has tears for her. Although this time only won the fifth place, it is gratifying that her son��s condition is now under control Cigarettes Online. She became the coach of the Uzbek gymnastics team Online Cigarettes, as Chusowkina himself said, ��My Ordinary life is finally about to begin. Although at this London Olympics, Chusovkina did not get the medal, but this does not affect her spirit of the Olympics - never give up the perfect interpretation. Life miracle: Xu Lijia Insufficient congenital efforts in the London Olympics women's laser Radial competition, Chinese player Xu Lijia won the gold medal in the sailing project, this speaks fluent English, the talent in sailing is like Yao Ming's outstanding female basketball player. It was once called "female version Yao Ming" by the American media, but the athletes behind such a stubborn experience are not all smooth sailing. Xu Lijia's father told the media that Xu Lijia has physical defects in his body - there is an invisible eye. Insufficient hearing, these make the sailing girl have to work harder than ordinary people. She was 15 when she was I found that my left leg had a tumor Newport Cigarettes Coupons. After being persuaded by doctors, coaches and family members, Xu Lijia finally gave up the game and had surgery. Thanks to the timely treatment, the doctor told her that this was a malignant tumor, if within 3 months. Without resection, it may become malignant, not only the whole leg can not be saved, even life will be dangerous. Xu Lijia started practicing in 1998, Xu Lijia's enlightenment coach, Zhang Jing of the Shanghai Sailing Team went to the sports school swimming team Miaozi, Xu Lijia, because of her poor hearing, always listened to Zhang Jing very seriously. She was selected to practice the sailing class OP from Zhang Jing. After two years of training, Xu Lijia showed up. Her own sailing talent. In the 2001 World Championships, she was only 14 years old, she won the women's championship in the sailing competition, and then realized the dreams in all major competitions. It is because of the diligent spirit of Xu Lijia that her The results have been rising year by year, and finally I have completed my dream of the Olympic champion. What are the qualifications of those of us who are not diligent and hard-working: Lin Dongxian��s intention to aim at both eyes is only 0. 1 degree, can you shoot arrows? I think this is incredible! The legendary Korean striker Lin Dongxian answered everything with a dozen arrows. Before Lin Dongxian��s opening ceremony of the London Olympics, he took the 699 ring (72 arrows). The total score refreshed the world record of men's personal archery and became the first athlete to break the world record at the London Olympics. At the age of 17, Lin Dongxian's vision began to decline, and at this time, his archery career is on the rise. The archery was not a personal hobby, but archery was an indispensable part of his life. He also tried to pull the bow with glasses, but he always felt "uncomfortable." In this way, in a blurred view. He began to step closer to the bull's-eye. The defects in vision did not let Lin Dongxian give up his dream, instead he continued to train. Finally, the hard work pays off. In 2004, he became the youngest archery group gold medal in the Athens Olympic Games. Winner. In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, he won the championship and became the veritable "king of the archery". It has become history and has become a page that has been turned over in the flood of years. And these touches will be recorded in my heart and will never turn over.
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