World of Warcraft pirate server players are switching to World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft Classic Gold Kotaku spoke with nine people who develop and maintain unofficial servers for the Vanilla World of Warcraft. They noted that after the launch of World of Warcraft Classic  many users left unofficial servers.

In particular the “population” of the Elysium fan server fell by 25%. The administration of the Rain server expects the user base to fall by 50-60%. According to the representative of the Kronos server administration now on the WoW fan servers there is a "noticeable drop in player activity." In the forums people claim to be playing WoW Classic.

A user who played on the WoW fan server noted that WoW Classic is generally more stable and free from various errors inherent in unofficial sites.

According to three people who support the game’s fanbuy Vanilla WOW Gold server many people who haven’t switched to WoW Classic either can’t afford to pay a subscription or their PC is not powerful enough for a comfortable game in the official version. WoW fan servers as a rule allow you to play for free but the administration is always ready to accept financial assistance from players.

Some users are not going to give up fan servers because they count $ 15 a month - too expensive for a “15-year-old game."

Some refuse to switch to World of Warcraft Classic in protest of Activision’s policies. DodgyKebaab a blogger who talks about WoW fanatical servers fears that additional monetization methods may appear in WoW Classic.

“I would not trust a company that promotes lootboxes as if they were the best thing in the gaming industry. Such a company is unlikely to give up the opportunity to add additional microtransactions to WoW Classic ”said DodgyKebaab. provide best guide for World of Warcraft Classic Gold" in the world. If you want to enhance your gameplay and squad rating just follow us.5% coupon:amvip

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