across my research in fact over the next several days I couldn't stop thinking about what it might be so to get answers also plays an important role in waking up the penis brain so that you can get hard you see dopamine is what scientists call a messenger molecule which means it helps your brain inside your head communicate with other parts of your body like your penis brain it does this by activating cells in the penis brain to wake up which results in strengthened arousal signals but this also means that a lack of dopamine could be at the root of a sleeping penis brain and the root of your limp-dick but I found it very hard to believe that a physical problem down in your penis could start all the way up in your head to me it just seemed a little too far-fetched however velofel south afric Mitel quickly disappeared when I came across another major study in this study scientists from the University of California Department of Urology repeatedly demonstrated dopamine's ability to stimulate the penis brain to ignite erections now all of this was starting to make a lot of sense because when I reflected back on my 20 years of counseling the men who suffered from IDI and performance anxiety or just a lack of sex and intimacy in their lives all had one thing in common they were all unhappy and anxious and some were even depressed so it seemed very possible that dopamine this tiny little molecule inside your brain could be at the heart of reviving your sleeping penis brain and fixing edy and other sexual performance issues at the root at this
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