I'm likely Maple story M Mesos

I'm likely Maplestory M Mesos to remark this ,meso are pretty simple to get, make a few characters make them level 50 do the"get rich" daily missions, regular do your 10 dungeons on each and every character,(30 a week per character) each 5 dungeons you receive a purple box, open the purple box you receive meso. The thing is, those boxes will drop tradable weapon update material. When you're doing your dungeons,30 for your week, you will be receiving lots of Blues to drop rather than selling those just dismantle them into upgrade material. It is going to sell. You might also use it to trade for dungeons that are 2100 to get"buses" aka carrying. If you are not attempting to hurry to the chaos raids in November and you should not have to be concerned about having plenty of upgrade materials the ones you get from the purple boxes should be sufficient to upgrade your stuff.

Given how this movie is organised, half what is bound and what isn't, in this process it seems as tho it's designed to address novices and beginners (nothing for this, it's made well for just that). Vast majority of present MS2 players are veterans, they understand the little information and terminology in order that they may favor a more'to the stage' approach (which is probably where the 3 thumbs reverses came from). It's a good thing that the tittle says quick instead of quickest/best-est trigger then people would flock you with retorts and hints. Again this can be constructive criticism, it is not about the creator especially, simply throwing my remark and feelings, great video, nothing for this. ?

Upgrade your firearms to +7 and a little bit of your own armor, that will force you to hit 2100 much quicker and much cheaper than having a purple. After you're in the dungeon lobby you are able to change your gear back to what it's supposed to be (eliminate daggers/shuriken) and you'll be able to proceed with the hard dungeons even when you're under 2100 GS. You should find a purple weapon for your course within a few runs, and then you are all set. Simply cheese your solution to 2100 dual wielding two (upgraded) weapons that add to gearscore along with full lvl 50 blue equipment. ?

Quick little shout out to doing the quest quests while going Maple M Mesos through your most important quests, perhaps not all of them. Channel surfing for gold and normal mines isn't worth it for example. Main quest is the easiest way for to sprinkle in some mining quests while you soldier through. Kind of a shame that monster farming isn't as good as it had been at MS1 though.

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