Cautions in the Use of Vacuum Pump System

Cautions in the Use of Vacuum Pump System
Vacuum pump system and vacuum pump are inseparable. When different vacuum pump systems are used, they are matters needing attention. Knowing these, we can better use them. Now we have a detailed knowledge of some vacuum pump systems.

Firstly, the method of combining vacuum pumps should be: in special cases, one kind of vacuum pump can not meet our needs, so we should combine several kinds of vacuum pumps, so that their pumping effect is higher and they can complement each other. For example, some vacuum pumps are good at pumping hydrogen, but not good at pumping other gases, but the group is good at pumping other gases. When combined, the desired pumping effect will be achieved, which requires a vacuum unit.

Second, we should pay attention to the oil vapor discharged by vacuum pumps. Some vacuum pumps will discharged oil vapor. In places with high environmental requirements, there is no pollution at all. Oil-free vacuum pumps can be used or oil vapor can be discharged outside. During the use of vacuum units, there will be vibration. If the required environment can not have vibration, it is necessary to use a vacuum pump without vibration, or use other methods to make the vibration smaller. Vacuum pumps need to be maintained in the process of use, in order to make better use of it. Atmospheric pressure will also affect the work of the vacuum pump system, the working environment determines which kind of vacuum pump you use, oil-free vacuum pump, water ring vacuum pump and so on.

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