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Implantology has obviously comes a long way for the last 10 years. For the past 50 years, many people who are looking for teeth replacement has turn to dental implants. Nevertheless, people has only maximized its benefits after the surgical protocols where changed and the technology went through great developments. However, the number of dentists who offers such solution is still limited. One of the few who chose to specialize into this field is Dr. Irfan Atcha.

Dr. Atcha is the first implant dentist who is certified to offer All-on-4 solutions to patients suffering with painful and uncomfortable dentures or those with unappealing partial bridges. All-on-4 is an innovative, modern method that patients can take advantage of. This is commonly offered for individuals who have lost their teeth due to gum disease. This method is recognized as the most sophisticated teeth replacement solution offered in the dental niche. The patients who has received an all-on-4 treatment from Dr. Irfan Atcha has lived a better life and even become more confident.

The leading Implantlogist, cosmetic & restorative dentist, Dr. Atcha, recently earned another prestigious award in the field of dentistry. He was recently recognized for his truly amazing and commendable job. The doctor successfully earned the title Chicago’s ‘Top Doctor Award’ for 2016 in his specific niche. The organization who offers such award have asked for reviews from patients and from the selected dental practices, the result have been the basis of selection. In simple terms, the patients are the one who really have given the award to Doctor Atcha. This simply proves the fact that Dr. Atcha is really taking great heights just to give his clients with quality service. Despite of the fact that he indeed deserves the recognition, Dr. Irfan Atcha never forgets to acknowledge the efforts of his wonderful staff. Moreover, he acknowledge his patients for giving him a generous review.

All-on-4 solutions delivered by an experienced and expert dental expert such as Dr. Atcha is undoubtedly the safest, easiest, and sought-after solution to serious dental concerns. Although this solution is considered as the best in the implant niche nowadays, the outcome is not yet guaranteed. To ensure that one will reap all the good things about this All-on-4 solution, they should look for an experienced dentist in this niche. If you are looking for the best dentist around, then you might want to consider Dr. Irfan Atcha.

The Chicago implantologist has already provided full-mouth reconstruction service to five hundred individuals, all of whom are grateful for a successful implant. Well, thanks to his mentor who is also the pioneer of this protocol, Dr. Paulo Malo. The five hundred successful implants only prove that Dr. Atcha is indeed one of the most reliable and experienced implantologist in Chicago. Well, that is not to include the thousand other tooth(tooth) replacement he has performed.

Apparently, no one can beat Dr. Atcha’s experience in providing All-on-4 implant. The best thing of all, this doctor delivers all-on-4 solutions in a comfortable and compassionate manner. Understandbly, countless patients within the area choose Dr. Irfan Atcha. The patients have leaved their dental problems to the care of this implantologist partly because of his formidable reputation in the field. With his unrivalled knowledge, skills, and experience, each of his patients leave the door of his offer wearing huge smile.

A huge number of Americans often feel hatred or fear towards dentist; feelings that comes as a result of negative experience associated to the previous dentist visit. This only indicates that you are not the only one who hate visiting dentist. Nevertheless, seeking the help of a dentist is undeniably inevitable, regardless of how much you hate them. Dentist consultation is not supposed to scare you, though. If you are searching for a dentist who can make you at ease, then Dr. Irfan Atcha can be your best choice.
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