slim pro patch ending diet um sometimes it can feel like that but I feel like that's partially my fault because I will fall off of the wagon a little bit and then I'll have to get back on you start the whole thing over again and that's where it can get a little bit like annoying because you're like oh my god I'm doing this over again and if I had just stuck with it the first time like I wouldn't have to have gotten back on like I would have been done but that's just life and I'm okay with it I honestly really like I don't actually say I like being in a deficit and I like trying to lose weight but I don't mind it like it actually it gives me for some reason it feels like when I go to the gym when I'm eating healthy it makes me feel like I have a lot more control over my life and that makes me feel a lot more sane so I do kind of enjoy it in a weird way so a lot of people were
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