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Every year across the UK Cheap OFF WHITE x Nike Air Presto , cable and pipes strikes occur in the utility industry. Damaged underground pipes and cables during excavation is a serious concern, the consequences include injury or even death of contractors in the worse situations. Also delays, fines Cheap Nike Presto Just Do It , intervention from HSE, loss of reputation, and other cost implications can seriously damage a development project.

All these can be avoided if efforts are made to learn how to dig safely and trace underground cables correctly. There are a variety of utility avoidance tools out there Cheap Nike Air Presto Womens , yet strikes still happen today.

Recent incidents have indicated that simply attending a training course is enough to make you a competent cable detector. Certain courses will offer greater preparation to avoid potential incidents more effectively.

What is CAT?
CAT (Cable Avoidance Tool) is designed to locate cables underground during activities, excavations and construction projects. Cables and pipes sometimes get damaged or become exposed, which can lead to severe consequences to employees and certain services the operating company is providing Cheap Nike Air Presto White ,
Cable Avoidance Tools are important for those working in the utility location and avoidance fields to identify potential problems that may arise. The CAT can detect signals naturally radiating from metallic services.

What is Genny?
Cable Avoidance Tools are powered by Genny, or Signal Generators, so they can detect signals from metal services. CAT come in various modes that allow the user to detect signals from below the surface of the ground.
The Genny mode allows the CAT to detect radiated tones to enable operatives to detect and avoid water valves or plug sockets with a direct connection to the source. It is a complex process Cheap Nike Air Presto Ultra Uncaged , but a CATSCAN course and Genny training program seek to inform operatives on how to effectively use the equipment.

To ensure the safety of engineers and contractors while working on an underground project or burying a cable Cheap Nike Air Presto Ultra BR , it is important the operatives acquire the latest knowledge and practical experience to demonstrate their competence and confidence in relation to cable strike avoidance.

Cat and Genny training combines both basic textbook knowledge and practical experience. The assessment is designed to help operatives, both new trainees and existing professionals, improve their competence Cheap Nike Air Presto SE Woven , knowledge and attitude, and get equipped with the necessary skills to be a cable avoidance specialist in the industry.

The assessment uses realistic scenarios that utility workers encounter daily to teach workers how to tackle related issues using the latest technological equipment in cable avoidance.

The importance of CAT
CAT is important in reducing the number of damaged cables and pipes, to improve future performance and on-site behavior as well as to ensure safety and compliance of utility workers during projects.

Using the latest manufacturer cable detection tools and locators has proven to be an effective way to curb the risks associated with damaged cable and pipes. It only requires that the utility workers follow the working procedures on how to effectively use the equipment Cheap Nike Air Presto Safari , and be educated in comprehensive CATSCAN training.

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