California Marriage Records Search


In California, the documents on marriages that were filed within the State are maintained at the California Department of Public California Marriage Records Quick Downloading Health Office of Vital Records. It has been said that these California Marriage Records are best searched through a local county office where the wedding took place than in the state office since the retrieval is much faster.

With regards to its retrieval, there are a lot of ways and sources that can be done. Your local state agency provides the quickest way to obtain a certified copy of this marriage record. The said record is also available at a county office. If you have easy access to the internet, you may also visit the official State website where the database of public records such as crime and court lookup can be found. In this site, birth, death and California marriage records are posted on the health section so if you?re searching any of these records, you may directly click on that section. Another helpful source is the private providers that are available online which offers services for this matter.

As the name implies, Public Marriage Records is open to anyone?s view and access. With that, its retrieval can be done through a number of easy steps. First, make sure that before you do the searching, you must already have the important things that are required for the search. Some of the important details are the first and last name of the bride and groom and the date of the marriage as well.

Next step, when you perform your search online, you have to find the exact site that will give you the desired results for the said searching. That can be easily done with the use of Google search where you can just search for the first and last name of the bride and the groom. Your local recorders office can also help you with the task if you will just fill out the necessary forms for the research. You can then hand in the required forms and request for such marriage certificate. However, you have to take note that not image all States provide free access to such marriage certificate copy; others require a certain amount of money before releasing the said copy.

It is appropriate to mention the significance of these marriage records in an individual?s life. To name one, you will know the details of a marriage anytime since these records are centrally updated. They are also useful in criminal issues and verifications. You can also refer to the names of the witnesses that are listed in these records for future reference. Perhaps the most common significance of these records are its use in tracing family tree, in checking certain divorce cases, and in doing a background check for a certain individual.

Government agencies usually keep these Free Marriage Records for a person?s study on genealogical history, and some background research by lawyers, police, media and other professionals that can take advantage of the California Marriage Records Search information found in these records. However, it has to be remembered that these records are searchable only if the courts have filed them for legality purposes already.
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