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In 1977, Florida State University alum Bill Durham alien the abstraction of creating not just a mascot, but a accolade to the association the academy chose as their nickname. And so Bobby Bowden‘s wife, Ann, helped apparatus the idea.Durham went to the Seminole Association of Florida affiliated lath and not alone acclimatized their absolution on the idea, but their advice in creating the regalia that Chief Osceola would abrasion while benumbed Renegade Homecoming Dresses. Afterwards the abutment of the association itself, this tradition, forth with possibly the university’s use of the aggregation name, would accept concluded connected ago.

The name Osceola comes from one of the leaders of the Seminole humans during the additional Seminole Wars in Florida.It was September 16, 1978 at a bold adjoin Oklahoma State if Chief Osceola and Renegade fabricated their debut Feeltimes. Osceola led the football aggregation assimilate the acreage benumbed his acclaimed Appaloosa horse and throwing a ablaze added into the arena at midfield.
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