California Public Records Public Search

The California Public Records Act made it image possible for the general public to access public records of the state. In this state, one can retrieve public documents through the Office of the Attorney General of the California Department of Justice. You can investigate such files during office hours and you can expect an answer to your petition in 10 days starting from the day you have submitted your application. In the said bureau?s website, you can inquire about sex offenders; check-out a business or a non-profit organization, make inquiry regarding visa or immigration, verify background history, request a public document or file a complaint. If you want to take a look into a certain criminal history, you must fill-out the appropriate form and you must present an authorization before you receive the file you need. For quicker results, you can delve into public records California.


You can do research regarding information about birth, death, marriage, divorce, criminal and court records. If the reports you need are under the local jurisdiction or can be recovered from the Superior Court, you won?t be able to find the same through the Department of Justice. In a situation like this, the best thing that you should do is to approach the court which has control over the case and you can submit your request.

There is a simple yet effective way to be able to grab a copy of the record you need. The first thing you need to do is to carry on with your request during office hours. You can make a call or submit your petition via email to the Public Records Ombudsman. You must take note that processing time will take around 10-14 days before you receive the paper you want. You must also prepare an amount of money to defray the cost involved in the reproduction of the document.

The California Department of Public Health is the agency which preserves and issues birth and death certificates. A certified copy of a birth file will cost you $18.00 and for death accounts, you will be charged the amount of $14.00. The county recorder also maintains a complete archive of all events that took place in its area.

You must also take note of the files which are not for public viewing. These are personnel documents, reports on investigations, papers containing confidential legal advice, litigation files and any details deemed by state entities as private.

Access to government records is a fundamental right to all residents of California. If you can visit the right locations, you can access such files without having to pay for any amount. You can also opt to make use of various online locations that offer their services at a nominal cost. From time to time, people need to ask for copies of vital certificates for many reasons. What seemed to be a difficult task can now be performed without any difficulty through the development of the Internet. No matter what location you are in, you can still get the results you need in a short period of time.
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