Go Qualifi: A Financing and Payment Option Alternative

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Multiple-Lending platform for consumer financing is now considered as an excellent alternative for financing and payment options. This has allowed the loan providers as well as the loan applicants to lend or borrow money with financial intermediary institutions being eliminated. By effectively filling the inadequate gap of the sufficient formal credit, this industry offers a platform where the investors can provide enough funding to borrowers without the involvement of the conventional banking system. In other words, this kind of lending provides an easy accessibility and availability of unsecured loans for multitude of uses like medical, consumable, education, and a lot more.

One of the companies that provide multi-lending platform for consumer financing is the Go Qualifi. They’re employing quicker processes for the loan approval in a shorter time period, with very little efforts than the conventional lending mainstream circumstances. Fortunately, the response towards the use of this platform for several years has been very encouraging.

Go Qualifi’s multi-lender consumer financing platform can be integrated easily into your website through the simple integration, which is a simple financing button place on your website linked to the application, and/or their complete integration process, where the Go Qualifi application is completely placed in your website’s shopping cart. Your clients can make loan application directly from your site together with instant approvals, while you are monitoring the process in real-time by using the GoQualifi back office dashboard.

Before the multi-lender platform has become popular, there were many reputed loan providers globally that adopted this platform, including the GoQualifi. They have eliminated the need of middleman completely which is necessary from traditional lending and borrowing process. Aside from providing the borrowers and lenders a highly seamless Go Qualifi lending platform, there are several other benefits that are given to them that include the investing made fairly seamless and lucrative, obtaining great returns from their overall investment, quicker and hassle borrowing and lending process online, availing of the loans that ranges from small to high amounts in accordance to the lending availability and borrower’s needs, and the returns are based on the involved risks.

Go Qualifi’s founder, Craig Ray had carefully observed how the lending business is done and strategically made the process simpler by adding a little innovation and that is to use one online platform available for consumers and multiple lenders. Because of this observations and plans, Go Qualifi multi-lending consumer financing platform was established and they provided multiple contractors with financing and payment options that can be considered as far more favorable than the big players in industry, where “A” credit score homeowners were only the normal ones serviced.
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GoQualifi offers many financing options for over 10 different well-known national lenders to homeowners with good credit scores, as well as to the credit-challenged homeowners. For the business owners, they can have an instant financing for their clients for them to be paid completely though the borrower is default on loan.

Worn out of driving the customers away for the reason that they don’t give up-front cash when availing your service or product? Or perhaps, CareCredit already helped them but they still didn’t qualify in your requriements? Or you are already very tire of paying so much from your profits? The best solution is to consider Go Qualifi.

The company is partnered with more than 10 national lenders including the Barclays, Citibank, Capital One, etc.in addressing the needs of your customers and patients with their improved ability in providing personalized rate quotes for their clients from vetted, multiple lender without the hard credit inquiry that can negatively affect the credit score of their clients.

For the borrowers that Go Qualifi helps, having personalized rate quotes is very simple to acquire. The clients can s
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