The Application of Cell Phones in Schools in the Modern

With the increasing usage of cellular phones in the modern era, every student also has a desire to have a cellular phone in his or her pocket for all the times. Even they want to take the phone along with them in schools also. I believe that the use of cell phones in schools should be banned. It has been seen in many countries that students carry phones at schools and use on a continuous basis during classroom lectures. It creates a hurdle for them to give proper concentration on the lectures. As a consequence of it, the performance of the students in the examinations is getting worst day by day. Moreover, due to lackness in the understanding of the concepts taught in classes, they are not able to attempt their coursework on their own. It is the only reason that students call someone in order to get coursework help . Though by getting help from someone in preparing coursework they score good grades they fail to learn anything. So, in light of this consequence, it is recommended that the use of cellular phones by the students in the class room must be prohibited globally. The use of the cellular phones in the class rooms during lectures may lead the student to lessen their academic performance as well as the utility with the provided orders that the students are not imagined to utilize the cell phones in the classrooms.


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