Wargaming have added the twelfth nation to World of Tanks: Mercenaries

Today, Wargaming has announced that they have added the twelfth nation to World of Tanks: Mercenaries: Italy as part of Update 4.9. A new line with the Ariete Progotto, with a tech tree coming later this month. Player’s will also be able to enjoy the return of the console-exclusive real-time-strategy mode, and a new in-game event ‘The Luck of the Irish’ starting March 15 to celebrate St. Patrick’s day, with the celebration going to the 17th.

Update 4.9 introduces a 12th nation to the game: Italy. While the nation's Tech Tree won't arrive until later on in the month, the Tier VIII Premium Italian hero tank Ariete Progetto has arrived today. The tank comes with a new Italian auto-reloader, which can hold multiple shells at once that reload automatically one shell at a time until the clip is full. Each shell can be fired without waiting for the full clip to be reloaded. The update also includes a number of gameplay improvements and bug fixes, such as more control over replay highlights, new camouflages, and two returning maps — Berlin Winter and Icebound.

The Ariete Progetto uses a new gun mechanic called an Italian auto-reloader (currently available only for Italian tanks from Tiers VIII-X). Auto-reloaders can hold multiple shells that reload automatically, one shell at a time until the clip is full. Unlike existing auto-loaders, once a shell is loaded, it can be fired without needing to wait for all rounds in the clip to be loaded! This allows for single fire or burst fire, and flexible firepower depending on what the combat situation calls for. By the way, you can buy cheap World of Tanks Gold from mmocs.com, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “ MMOCSVIP ”.

Unlike traditional tanks that have a single reload value, each shell of an Italian auto-reloader has its own reload value with the last shell having the longest reload time and the first shell having the shortest. Players will want to keep this in mind when deciding whether to either shoot multiple rounds into the enemy causing a longer reload process or to only shoot one round and wait for the shorter reload process to finish before shooting again.

Finally, the Spring Games will begin on April 2nd. Meanwhile, Winter Games Charlie, the third phase of the Winter Games, is active now. The equivalent of a Battle Pass offers 30 tiers of rewards — "XP Boosts, Gold and Silver, Free XP, and exclusive Medals" — to be earned during in-game Ops. Players who manage to complete the first campaign in its entirety will earn a "massive" discount on the Premium tank Thunderbolt.
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