Intimidating online poker staff, the man was accused in court

Bluff magazine reported that a man was taken to court because of a threat to kill the staff of the online poker site. The man lost more in the online poker game 카지노사이트than he could afford, so he threatened to take the gun to the poker site headquarters to kill the staff.
This online poker player is from the UK and is called Michael Gallagher. He lost £19,000 on an unknown poker site. He then emailed the website asking them to offer him £30,000 to fill the deficit.
This email was sent directly to the poker site base - the staff of the Isle of Man, UK. The email said that if they could not satisfy Gallagher’s claim, he would take the gun to the headquarters of the website. The customer service of the website notified the police about the incident just after receiving the threatening email. The police quickly arrested Gallagher.
Later, 35-year-old Gallagher contacted the site again and apologized. He explained that he was sending emails when he was drunk. However, the police still detained him and accused him of extortion.
At the British Criminal Court in Teeside, Gallagher admits that he uses electronic communications to deliver intimidating information. After that, Judge Moorhouse announced a probation and asked for more time to consider the final verdict.
Gallagher is currently on bail. He will get the final verdict in the next month.
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