Winter is arriving to Fortnite

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You get points by dancing on Fortnite Items glowing tiles that will appear all over the dance floor. You do not have to win the dance-off to complete the challenge, either -- it. Keep dancing before the music finishes to finish the challenge. Just remember to draw out your weapon when the music stops and escape the area -- that can be a Battle Royale, after all.

Winter is arriving to Fortnite: Battle Royale.Off the southern shore of Fortnite's sprawling map, an approaching snowstorm can be viewed. On the distant horizon, you can see the low clouds floating over the water.Within that the storm sits an iceberg with a medieval castle at the top. It's impossible to see with the naked eye, but it's there.

I am enjoying this buy fortnite materials occasion. It reminds me of this comet that approached throughout Season 3 before hammering into Dusty Depot and remaking the map for Season 4. The comet was just a little speck in the sky at first, but it grew clearly bit by bit with time, leading to a great deal of speculation. Many worried that Tiltd Towers would be destroyed.

I enjoy this new castle/snowstorm event for many of the same factors. We can only speculate what is going to happen. Much is left to your imagination.Will this iceberg crash to the map adding a snowy area with a castle? Or will snow cover the whole map for Season 7? It is impossible to know for certain. However one thing is sure: I'm sure happy to be done with purple glowing stuff.
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