Not far into Division 2 Boosting and am LOVING it

Not far into Division 2 Boosting and am LOVING it. I am playing and it is juuuuust hard to make you consider how to move around and shoot, but oh so rewarding when you finish a mission. On thing I HATE though, is you. Hitting them point blank should down them. A magazine can empty to them and they still get you. And they kick you ONCE along with all of your armor and half of your health is gone? WTF? Fix that, and also The Division 2 is near flawless.

I doubt anyone for UBI will read this but I am enjoying The Division 2. Can't wait to play with the 15th for hours on end. My only issues I am having are audio glitches (gun, explosions, etc) not occurring or occurring with a delay. And I think abilities (turret especially ) deploys to gradually and kind of weird. Other than that I think that it's wonderful! My biggest concern was that the shift to motion but I think it's perfect. Great job UBI, in the The Division 1 vet. . .you men really listened to the community.

Let me put it this way. The Division 2 Boosting is not that of a PvP. It can be a great game. It can easily conquer the other BR games. I wish a BR was like mode in this. That will make a great multiplayer experience. Right now, I really don't wish to play with bots. R6S is such an insane game. I don't want to spend my time contemplating the back pack things. I need the UI was not horrifying, and not such time wasting.

Time gating is quite common in MMO games to extend the life of The Division 2. They likely have the ending game done but choose for any online game even the biggest one,World of Warcraft. In case you have little bugs and release a fresh patch along with them occasionally those bugs grow huge and even split The Division 2 completely. Even if you've got 99 percent of the bugs outside there's a chance the patch is going to have a matter and cause a massive problem. Ubisoft obviously has heard from Division 1 and needs there to be little of a issue as possible when they publish the next content patch.
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