Climax, classic Celine box handbag

When it comes to Fake Celine Classic Box Bags, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is vintage and old hardware. Whether it is the old version of the slippery or the latest cork fine horizontal stripes, it is made of calfskin. The leather is delicate and delicate. It is prone to scratches, so the Celine box uses brass in the choice of hardware. The first is to blend well with the box skin that is easy to produce scratches. The second is to make the Classic box better reflect the sense of age. The more retro, the French women have different charms and connotations from girl to mature. Good handbags are often telling stories about women, aren't they?

The oil side of the Classic box is the same as Hermes. It uses several layers. The first thing is that the skin sauce fills the uneven edges neatly, making the whole leather edge flat. Secondly, the oil is completely used by the oil machine. After repeated polishing and polishing. After the sizing treatment, the manual friction heating causes the glue to melt into the oil side, even if it is not visible, but it can be felt, even the simple oil edge process will be very sophisticated, these processes can be completely non-industrial machines Operation, so the box is not as handmade as Replica New Hermes Bags, at least it is a semi-manual luxury, so the complete industrialization of tb purchasing is scornful, of course, not attacking who or the like, just on the matter, talking about clothing related drops especially It is the luxury-related city that is more or less mixed with hand-made elements in it, but anyone who has done clothing or knows luxury goods knows.

Replica Cheap Celine Handbag is changing every year. The materials will be adjusted, such as hardware. Just like the classic Chanel Classic Flap and LV Capuciness, you will buy different products at different times. The same is true for Box, it is impossible to do every 100%. The bags of other brands are the same, as long as there are manual elements, either manual or semi-manual, because the difference between the manual and the different masters is normal. Even if the counter is genuine, it will not be pressed for a while but the leather will rebound! Don't rely solely on stitching details such as sewing 13 or 15 stitches, or different printing depths, clear indentations, and different hardware brightness as the main factors that distinguish the true and false of the bag.

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