Just played torchlight 2 for buy Torchlight Frontiers Gold

Just played torchlight 2 for Torchlight Frontiers Gold the very first time a few months back and am enjoying it. Was eager to hear about this one but it actually looks as though they are taking the Diablo 3 course of oversimplifying Torchlight Frontiers which will only make it downright dull. The loot looks dull which is a huge disappointment. The stats on the things look way too basic. Resistance stats on items aren't game changing they're only needed for the most part. In addition, the fact that they take away from the energy and advancement in previous levels would make it feel like you haven't progressed to begin with. IMO that is a big mistake.

Hey while I'm on a roster why not complain about something different, why don't be original and remove green and white allure or give us something to do with it. I was comparing that lvl 8 magic armor to the lvl 5 rare one, the infrequent one remains better. People simply are not gonna select up whites and green, so the least you can do

because this genre of game is indeed old is do something fresh rather than ignoring the problem or not acknowledging it. Imo completely remove white, maintain green, allow salvage green, use salvage item gotten from greens to raise stats on blue. Maybe have a thing to improve stats value on legendary/unique items so that you do not need to roll great items and rather can see a visible advancement towards boosting your endgame items. Have a purple rarity between orange and blue, either it can have marginally higher maximum cap on attribute stats or possess bonuses using comparable thing types... there's great deal of creativity to be had, none that I've seen.

Btw the darkened spears ability seems too weak for the mana cost buy Torchlight Frontiers Gold and cooldown it has, it is kinda blatant. Enemy size also impacts its effectiveness with how many enemies can be struck at the same time so the least it could do would be better in its own niche of clearing smaller enemies.

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