I still remember

I still remember the appearance of the person you liked for the first time or the last time. Many of them are hidden in the lips and teeth. The love that lasts for a long time can always be deeply imprinted into our minds. In retrospect, it is a sweet and sad sorrow. I have to admit that our favorite people are often chasing. Because of that love, we will remember all his preferences, habits, and create all the opportunities for him to be alone. Every signature is changed for him. He always wants to chat with him in the middle of the night, but I am afraid of the abrupt and closed dialogue window. How many insomnia nights are also his shadows. We have been so crazy to love one person unintentionally. Later, we finally dare not love again, because from his eyes Can't get sure, don't stay back. Let go, but there is disappointment, can not do a free and easy smile, can only escape to a place without him, suture the wound, pretend to be well. Because of the deep pain, we don��t dare to pour our own emotions easily, and we don��t dare to decide who is a lifetime. When a fate comes, no longer feel hurt, be willful, be prepared to go at any time, come, I smile and welcome, you go, I am tender, do not have to force Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping. I have been too long in my life, I am better than myself, and I am far more than loved in my love. I want to be steadfast and have a deep love. It��s all secret. Especially when we are at a certain age, we really don��t say love easily. If you like someone, you will protect him. If you have a good relationship, if you have a fate, you will be led by ten fingers. If you have no chance, you will forget about it. The logic of a love word is so simple, but the total energy consumption is a lifetime. Insufficient to understand, in addition to the loneliness that you can't forget, there is also a dying year. Some people are destined to be accompanied by a ride. In the time that belongs to you, you can enjoy the wine. But why are you gone when you walk, and the memories are messy? If you can Buy Expensive Cigarettes Online, I would rather not rub shoulders like this, like a beautiful flower, and it will not be like a long and short story, and finally come to an end. I walked along the lines of memory, and thought and wondered if I could meet the warmth of the first rain of Gu Liqiu who picked up the maple leaves. It seemed that I would wash the lead in this impetuous world. The people in the rain must have shouldered a major mission, and they are hurrying, making people dare not disturb. I only have one person, to clean up the long-lost heart, to feel the deep feelings of this season. You must not know, I have been crazy in the rain a few times, only to detect the world from a distance. Truth, goodness and beauty, in the first rain, finally found a home. A cold autumn rain, I always like the coolness of the autumn, just the right temperature, not biting, always into the heart. At that time, about a confidant, brewing tea in the furnace, reading the scriptures, talking about poetry, letting idle time linger at the fingertips. Such a person can be a friend who meets with each other. He can be a friend of poetry and wine, or a layman next to the ancient lamp of the Qing Dynasty. Such a day, not too much, one or two times will be enough Marlboro Cigarettes Online From Usa, the rest of the time to retain the aftertaste and feelings. After all, the best things are always memories. Confidence, as gentle as a gentleman, a person who knows the word wins but all. Such a friend, I am not willing to be infected with the wind. Because, when it is dyed on the wind, it will be possessed, and so, it will be troublesome. How many people have misunderstood themselves and know each other into a sloppy month Cheap Cigarettes Newport In Nj, is it better to be faint? I don't need any promises By Newport 100. When I think of it, I will gather in the elegant place. If you don't remember, it doesn't matter. There is such a person, sincerely, my piety, accompanied by the air, is also a wonderful thing. Drinking tea together is not a matter of mastery of tea art, and it is good to have tea. The collision of celadon and tea can always linger a few feet of fragrant fragrance, a few quiet, in this mood, always unconsciously think of the cause and effect, past and present. I think that my past life must have been built in the ancient wood next to the Indigo Temple, watching the red dust, and leisurely. It must also witness the love of many good men and women, so in this life, you can cultivate a heart and wait for a meeting. Retreat in a cup of tea, indulge your enamel heart with the innocence of tea, I believe that I can meet that person, cheering with you, and ignoring.
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