Ratings for Madden NFL 19 Bowl up 605 percent

EA Sports announced Friday that final month's Madden NFL 19 Bowl had a 605 percent improve in viewership and was probably the most watched tournament in Madden history.

Viewership peaked at 97,000 on Twitch, properly above the viewing audience around the platform for the Madden NFL 18 Bowl. The one-hour final also reached 805,000 viewers on ESPN2, together with the Twitch and ESPN2 audiences averaging 208,000 per minute.

There was also double-digit development earlier this year with Madden NFL 19 Classic and the Madden 19 coins Club Championship.

Drini "Drini" Gjoka earned a 41-0 victory within the Madden NFL 19 Bowl more than Michael "Spoto" Spoto at EA Sports Studios in Redwood City, Calif on April 27. Gjoka played because the Dallas Cowboys for his Ultimate Team squad, whilst Spoto employed the New York Giants.

Drini earned $40,000 for the victory and now has a profession earnings of just shy of $200,000 in Madden events, according to EA Sports.

Madden NFL 20 is expected to be out there worldwide on Aug. 2 this year.
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