What is the cheapest and best way to go on a bike trip to Leh/Ladakh?

However, you need to get prepared for the hefty driving as the distance from Delhi to Leh is very massive, approx 26 hours, 1050 km. And being in the mountain area, you can relate that driving there is very hard. So, it's not advisory to take your own bike because the distance is very vast and your bike will surely start shivering with less engine oil and who knows, your brakes, may also get affected along with hitting your motorbike engine so hard.

The best option is to take a guided Ladakh Motorbike Tours with companies like Go2Ladakh and Honeymoon Bug. These companies have their good hands-on Ladakh destination with local insider knowledge of whole Ladakh. On booking with them, you'll get a bike of your choice ranging from Bullet to pulsar to other bikes. And guess what? You can skip your fear of riding a bike with less engine oil, low brakes, and bike condition. Everything is upon their shoulders. Such is the expertise they hold in their names.

They offer amazing all-inclusive deals with accommodation option inside the homestays in Ladakh.

Route To Reach Leh/Ladakh

As I stated that Ladakh is at a very long distance from Delhi, so it is advisory to reach Srinagar from Delhi via taking a train to Kashmir, and then opt for a bus ride to Srinagar. This is the reliable mode to reach Leh/Ladakh. After reaching Srinagar, get ready to start your motorbiking adventure as the road to Srinagar to Ladakh is very scenic.

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