Wen Hao is 19

Wen Hao is 19 years old this year, and she is going to go out to college. Looking at the previous diary, those things seem to be in front of you. I have long had this wish [url=www.designerindex.net/marlboro]Marlboro 100S Carton[/url]. To sort out the texts left before, use this summer vacation and give it to her. It is also a good gift before today. It was May 16th, 1999. It was only after the evening of self-study. It is now 10 o'clock in the evening. When the night is quiet, there is only the sound of the wind blowing the poplar leaves "sand..." or a dog or two at this time. In my small house of less than 15 square meters, I am picking up the pen and leaving a blessing on you on the paper. In the midst of it, do you feel it? Although you are still in your mother's stomach, although I don't know if it is a man or a woman, I am anxious to talk to you [url=www.webvipsmoking.com]Buying Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url]. This wish has been brewing for a long time, but only today. For a moment, I felt that there were a thousand words in my heart, and I didn��t know where to start. It��s not too late, there��s morning counseling tomorrow, and I��ll talk to you today. Your father is a teacher. I don't know if you have any thoughts on this. I am proud of it, or I don't think so, or sneer at it, but I am not tired of it. I also hope that when you choose a career, you can choose what you like. What kind of career is not important. The key is that you feel happy, can do things happily, and find your own happiness in your work. This is the most important thing. The fame and fortune can only bring us short-term happiness; only a calm mind and love for work can bring us eternal joy. "Only if you work, you are happy." Many people feel that Monday to Friday is the most painful time [url=www.webvipsmoking.com]Newports 100S Price[/url], because it is necessary to get up from the bed early in the morning to face the tedious work. They may think, if it's Sunday, how good it is! But if you really can't work one day, staying at home all day, doing nothing, really happy? But this "leisure" I I can't afford it, on the contrary, it makes me feel empty, because I feel that full work is the best destination for one person. The work will let me know the weight of the word "responsibility" and will earn me respect and recognition. Life is happy because of work, I chose my lifestyle and life is too short. It is easy to live, easy to live, but not easy to live. Everyone has troubles, but not everyone is not happy. If we just want to pursue personal happiness, this desire is easy to achieve; but if we want to be happy than others, it is too difficult, because we always think that others are more happy than us. Happiness is not related to age, occupation, and salary. It has nothing to do with teaching single class, double class, language, or math. What is happiness? Happiness is a psychological feeling [url=www.prideconcept.com/marlboro]Newport Menthol Shorts[/url]. Whether you want to be happy or not is up to you. Knowing happiness and being good at happiness is a kind of wisdom, a kind of tolerance, and a kind of discouragement. How can we be happy? Abandon hatred, stay away from troubles, live simple, indifferent to fame and fortune, standing in front of others for the sake of others, laughing and opening, and having a lover in life is to live a happier and happier life, and a happy life must strive for it. of. In order to pursue his own happiness, he has the desire to fight for it. For the goal of life, people must make themselves work hard, find fun in their work, make the tedious work full of fun, and make themselves carefree. Physical and mental health, life is peaceful and comfortable, happy and happy, what is the value of life every day? I believe that many people are thinking, many people are pursuing, and many people are confused and confused. My values ??are actually very simple: do every day, do everything well, and be a person looking for happiness in an ordinary position [url=www.designerindex.net/marlboro]Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping[/url]. Work is tired, it is hard, but the real effort is the satisfaction of life, especially the untiring work, it is more gratifying and quick to come here today, kiss my baby!
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