Half a year ago

Half a year ago, I went back to my hometown to visit relatives and traveled to Jinci Park. After I came back, I couldn��t calm down for a long time. Jinci often comes to my eyes, like an ancient messenger, slowly coming, haunting my mind, lingering, can't stop. I had to sort it out and gather it in the pen. Jinci is located 25 kilometers southwest of Taiyuan, backed by the hanging mountain, sitting west to the east, surrounded by mountains and surrounded by water, the natural landscape is beautiful. The periphery is very wide, the main passage is white and wide, and there are many pavilions at the top of the pavilion. The corridors are mostly grayish black. The ancient trees are vigorous, the springs are clear, and the surrounding scenery is enough to get a good park. There are three unique places in the plaque, Zhou Baizhen, Song Dynasty, and Laoshui. Along the middle line, there are water mirrors, Shengtuo Building, Jinrentai, Jellyfish Building, Yufufeiliang, Feiyuefang, Xiandian, and the Temple of the Virgin. There are many ancient temples in the entire park, and the Tang dynasty Yang Liu Chenglin looks old and simple. The shadows of the springs in the valley are at the bottom Newport Box 100'S, and the pools are dotted with them. The stone bridge spans the bend, and the boat pavilion plays on the water. The Yasushi Jinju in the Jiangnan water town is also called Tang Shuzhen. The son of Zhou Wuwang became the emperor of the family, and he was married to his mother and uncle in the Tang Dynasty. Uncle's son, because of the Jinshui in the territory, changed the country number to Jin. In order to sacrifice their uncles, the descendants established a glory at the source of Jinshui, called Tang Shuzhen, also known as Jin Wangxi. With the records of Jinci's historical records, the Northern Qifang Xuan Emperor Gaoyang will set Jinyang as a capital. During the Tianbao years, (550-559 AD), the Jinci was repaired with a ��big building view and a pond��. It can be seen that the history of Jinci, even from the Northern Wei Dynasty, has been thousands of years away, but Tang Shuzhen is not on the main line, but the Madonna, built in the Northern Song Dynasty between 1023-1032, occupied the most important. position. It sits west to the east, seven wide, and six deep, and the outer column climbs the dragon. The house has been going through thousands of years, and it looks old and old. Above the main hall, there are six characters of "The Madonna
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