The summer of

The summer of the fire came quietly, and the small town was grilled for several days []Newport Menthol Shorts[/url]. The fiery sun hangs high, as if melting the asphalt on the road. The heat wave rushed to the surface and it was sweating. I remembered the scene of the ancient poems, the day when the sand was drenched. In the summer, a hundred flowers bloom, everything grows, fresh flowers, green grass green. I like the taste of summer all the year round. Like her fiery, her wayward, her madness is not awkward. Just after the sun was hanging high, the sun was shining. A raging wind will blow up. In a moment, water accumulates into the river, and the vehicle is splashed with waves. Pull up your trousers and walk in the water, let your ankles enjoy a moment of coolness. I like summer nights. I remember when I was too embarrassed to take me with me []Marlboro Lights Online[/url]. I was holding a fan in my hand, sitting in the shade of the trees and talking to neighbors in the shade. When I chatted, I entered a dream. In the summer night, my father and I like to have a tea chat and talk about the shortcomings of the national affairs. I am very interested in listening to it. I like the family sitting around the yard []Newports 100S Price[/url], talking and laughing, listening to my father telling us stories. The family is happy together. Time flies, time passes, summer nights that year after year. Looking up at the starry sky, the stars are a little bit, and the tears of thoughts turn into a galaxy and merge into the stars. I like the sea breeze blowing in the summer night, watching the waves rolling. The sea is foggy, as in the wonderland. Going deep into the trestle in the sea, swaying in the night, like a dragon playing. I like to listen to the sound of the waves, whispering for a while, and it will be a slap in the face. The sea will be calm and calm, and the waves will be changing and changing. The sea in the summer night exudes a charming atmosphere, and your broad mind is filled with too much mystery []Carton Of Newport 100 Cigarettes[/url]. Blowing the sea breeze, watching the waves, smelling the smell of the sea, intoxicating and not knowing the way back. In the romantic summer nights, there are unscrupulous play, slap, slap, laughter, remove the mask of camouflage, and present the true self. Unleash the inner feelings, the secrets hidden in the heart, the dusty memories, drifting with the wind. I look forward to seeing you with you on a beautiful summer night. I hope that time is not old, and I will regain my joy []Cigarette Cartons For Cheap[/url]. Make a love of the city.
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