Maple 2 The fact that Maple M Mesos

Maple 2 The fact that Maplestory M Mesos I need to dive to heal up people is nervewracking, but in a way that is good. I love how OP my fans feel, and chaining them is a great deal of fun. I spend time than that I do using skills, running around in a struggle. More frequently than not, you need to chase down your party members to heal them, because people tend to panic when they become critically low. "Access to the Priest!" Appears less common compared to"Get the hell away!" At the heat of the moment. ?

Think that it's time to proceed out of maplestory 2. Ms1 last longer than ms2 cuz they literally downgraded the game by taking a lot of material out. Developers will not comprehend the rng is cuz the most important grind is not enjoyable or creative. Additionally, there are a fantastic chunk of the fan base that tell ppl to not play cuz

they can not stand reading feedback. Sad to see a fantastic game collapse really?.You never really feel as anything things in this match, just grind and grind and grind and grind. Btw this game is p2w at korea and we have exactly the same rates but not the meret p2w things they have, they also can get epic pets from dungeons and we can not, insanity raids were made tougher on us for literally no reason too, I read one of those korean guides they just tell you to purchase about 2 billion mesos (you are able to exchange merets to get mesos in kms2) just so you can get up to pace with the rest of the folks playing.

I've run FD 240 times for my own +15, I have never got Maplestory M Mesos for sale horns in lube/rog or a kanduras, I am at 2k pet catches and no epic, I've alright rolls and can clean up to cdev but the grind just comes back and much harder with gear that is legendary, it took me so long to acquire appropriate stats that I don't even need to grind for longer

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