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Another standout is a drum set with the Beatles logo that Ringo Starr purchased in 1963 and used during the band’s European performances into 1964. There’Nike Air Max 2016 Femme s Jimi Hendrix’s Nike Air Max 90 Womens Pink Gibson Flying V guitar, painted by the musician and dubbed “Love Drops.” He played the instrument for two years starting in 1967, and then Nike Air Huarache Womens gave it to Mick Cox of the Irish band Eire Apparent, who painted it black. In the 1990s, musician Dave Brewis acquired the piece and restored Hendrix’s original design. Some musicians went for the smashed look when designing their instruments. Paul Stanley Nike Air Vapormax Mujer of Kiss collaborated with Jeff Hasselberger, at the guitar company Ibanez, who cut pieces of mirror glass and inlaid them by hand into the guitar’s top at various angles. Stanley used it in live performances in 1979–80 and again in 1996–97, according to the Met.The famed interior designer Fran?ois Catroux has designed yacht interiors for Barry Diller, castles for the Rothschilds, an apartment for David Geffen, and houses for Nike Air VaporMax Femme himself that equal or even surpass his famous clients’ residences. One such project—a 10-acre compound in Provence—has been his and his wife Betty’s vacation home since the early 1990s. “It was sort of half a Adidas Superstar Femme ruin,” Betty Catroux says. “I don’t know how long it took [to renovate], but Fran?ois did everything—I didn’t do a thing.” After some reflection, Nike Roshe Run Womens Catroux, who’s been a model and muse for the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, settled on a construction timeline of “about two years.” It certainly, she adds, “took quite a while to furnish.” Now the house, the grounds, and everything inside is on sale for $11.5 million, listed with Alexander Kraft of Sotheby’s International Realty France. “Now Fran?ois wants to go to the sea,” says Catroux. “He bought something next to Nice, so we’re going.” The property consists of a 16th century Nike Air Max 95 Femme stone house, which is divided between main quarters and a separate guest section. In total, it measures about 5,300 square feet. (There’s an extra 750-square-foot caretaker’s cottage nearby.) All told, the property has nine bedrooms.Of her two favorite Nike Air Max 2017 Mujer neighbors—Pierre Bergé and Anne Cox Chambers—only Chambers, a Nike Air Max 90 Womens Bluemedia magnate, is still alive. “She used to make the New York City Ballet come to dance in her garden,” recalls Catroux. “Plus, she drinks a lot, and so do I, and I love her for that, too.” The fashion designer Saint Laurent, Catroux says, visited the house only once, when her daughter got married. “Saint Laurent is someone who never left his house,” she explains. “He would never go to stay at someone’s house, and we were very lucky, because we all had our own houses, and we all just wanted to stay at home.” Despite calling the home “a piece of heaven,” Catroux Nike Air Max 1 Femme has no regrets about selling the property—and everything in it. “Listen, I have no attachment to material things,” she says. “So it doesn’t move anything in me to sell, and I love the idea of starting new and leaving the rest behind. That’s the way I function.”


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