3 Issues Final Fantasy XI’s Big 20th Anniversary Surprise Could possibly be

If you’re not caught up using the most current Final Fantasy XI news, that is fair for the reason that it’s an old game that a great deal of people today fondly keep in mind but do not necessarily actively play and stick to, permit me to catch you up.
While it may be surprising towards the casual observer to hear that FFXI Gil
features a future at all, thinking about several believed the game was on the way out soon after the discontinuing on the PS2 and Xbox 360 versions. If anything, the opposite has come to fruition.And more , it is possible to verify out www.igxe.com
Final Fantasy XI has been properly supported because that move. It nonetheless receives frequent month-to-month updates which incorporate new battle content material from time to time, and it is nevertheless well-known sufficient to carry a paid subscription.
Anyway, as a long time fan considering that day certainly one of NA launch, in addition to a current active subscriber, it got me pondering what this huge update could possibly be. Let’s dive into what I feel are the three most likely scenarios.
Final Fantasy XI Classic
Classic servers are all of the rage correct now in the MMORPG neighborhood, particularly seriously old ones like Final Fantasy XI. There are actually a great deal of players in the FFXI community which have an interest in replaying the game, but the contemporary modifications as well as the anxiety of feeling super far behind is really a turn-off.
In actual fact, many of the most well-liked private servers are successfully level 75-era capped servers that go up via the game’s second expansion, Chains of Promathia or about there. Three extra key expansions followed Chains of Promathia, and ultimately, the level cap was brought as much as level 99.
Final Fantasy XI now would practically be unrecognizable to an individual that quit someplace around the Chains of Promathia-era. I’d argue FFXI is just distinct now, it’s worse in some approaches, but much superior off in other individuals. But nonetheless adjust is scary, and a few individuals just wish to encounter the game as they keep in mind it.
So, what greater send off for the game’s 20th anniversary than developing a server that restores the game back towards the state where the majority of its former fans remember it. Six individual EXP chain parties in Tu’Lia, hunting for Jailers in “sea,” kiting Kirin around, etc. the whole nine yards.
And who knows, individuals may well come for the classic server, but find yourself sticking about to view what Final Fantasy XI is like now. The
only question could be if newer jobs like Blue Mage, Dancer, and Geomancer will be invited to this party, Seekers of Adoulin jobs particularly are balanced for level 99 skills. Either way, a classic server on paper appears like a fairly very good thought.
One thing New That Forces Us to Discover
I don’t know exactly how you can describe this one particular, but primarily, I can see the developers wanting to add one thing substantial to the game that would force players to go on a globe tour of Vana’diel.
Out of your beginning city, all the way through places like Attohwa Chasm, Garlaige Citadel, perhaps even the newer areas discovered in Seekers of Adoulin too.
One thing rewarding naturally, to make it worth the work, but anything also that pulls at the heartstrings of longtime players. A trip down memory lane in case you will.
It might be something creative like asking players to acquire a specific amount of levels in some old preferred EXP spots using a modified level sync feature.
You may be asked to kill the Jailer of Love and Kirin or find each of the strange apparatuses hidden throughout a few of the older areas.
Stuff like that; basically a huge quest that would let any person that partook to retrace their most memorable footsteps from the final 20 years.
Gameplay Focused Expansion/Job Overhaul
I know folks would definitely get excited about a new, true expansion. It just doesn’t seem very most likely. It will be a significant undertaking for such a compact group, as well as the story was primarily wrapped up using the conclusion of Rhapsodies of Vana’diel, creating yet another story-based expansion type of awkward.
Yeah confident, it’s possible to just add something that doesn’t really have any influence around the significant overarching story, however it just seems like a weird, and risky move.
I could, nevertheless, see anything that’s purely content-based. Adding new endgame activities, overhauling the way individuals level/grind, huge job balance adjustments to finally get job balance to a location exactly where everything is viable and wanted just after two decades of attempting.
Basically, anything that would significantly improve the high quality of life, extend the game’s lifespan, create hype for the players nonetheless at present invested, and possibly attract some new and returning players as well.
What do you think the surprise is going to be? We've a couple of years till that happens… so lots of time to guess! Let us know in the comments under.
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