Some people

Some people say that people will meet two people in their lifetime, one is amazing time, a gentle time in a chance, met a woman wearing a cheongsam, and suddenly became a man of heaven. That dusty atmosphere has the taste of not eating human fireworks []Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping[/url]. Full of celestial, cheongsam plus beauty like a princess. A rich and gentle femininity []Cheap Newport 100S Cigarettes Online[/url], beautiful and dreamlike. Her appearance, as if to achieve a dream away from reality, gives people a beautiful visual experience, it is a dream of condensing a century of men []Newports Wholesale[/url]. Once I met, I recalled that the cheongsam itself carried civilization, like a rainbow, showing self-cultivation. The woman wearing a cheongsam exudes a faint cultural heritage, graceful and graceful, beautiful and touching, and there are several Chunyan embellishments on the cheongsam of the Republic of China. Beauty feeling. Fresh and natural, like a girl next door. Like a painting, the style is very dignified. Classical and temperament, deep oriental charm. She can be very quiet, and the flowers are so fragrant. I know this is superficial, but I really love this young face. Everyone has at least one oblivious love in his life, no luxury. There is no right or wrong, no deep feelings, no turning back and no regrets. I think this is about it. Suddenly []Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes[/url], a kind of sadness comes from the bottom of my heart. Because I remembered that I was born, I have never lived. I have had many encounters in my life. Maybe I will have a lifelong smile because of a casual smile. Waiting. Perhaps an inadvertent look back will haunt the heartache of this world. Some things don't need to be picked up, already in my heart. Some people don't need memories, but they can't linger. Peace of mind, it is cleaner, more pure, closer to the spirit, despite the past, the sound of the waves every day. But there are always some people in life who come to peace and disturb your years. Just like the woman in front of me, it is doomed to make me feel uncomfortable. This kind of beauty has the ability to smash the camera film. In the ordinary days, some people are as strong as wine, crazy like drunk, but they wake up to nowhere, come and go like a wind, dream no trace. I also met some people, they will touch me and make me warm. A woman in cheongsam, she should be running her own image every moment, treating her everything she encounters. She doesn't have time to get older. She will always wear clothes and smiles. It is a fascinating landscape that is indispensable in this world. Some people are always there and will never disappear. I think, this is a goblin, far away from her, but the devil has been shouting, don't leave. I know, I am going to finish this life, even if I am Tang Yan, I would rather let this demon take the cheongsam is the soul of the Jiangnan woman []Cigarettes Wholesale Online[/url], but also the soul of the world man, I think, people who like cheongsam are not only one. I know that in the mortal beings, the ya people are not with me, the vulgar people are not in my eyes, I am looking forward to one time and the soul in this middle. Then, there will be the emergence of this woman, no regrets in this city, noisy, no you are an empty city, a corner is no stranger, you are a bustling only waiting for that sentence, you said, I have been listening to me It is a young boy who has never been old.
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