Yu Qiuyu has

Yu Qiuyu has a book about Pu'er tea, Kunqu and calligraphy. He named the book "Extreme Beauty". How wonderful is this name? Kunqu is the ultimate in beauty, and has never dared to write too early, fearing that it will be embarrassing. I want to write down the initial state of mind. If something fits your temperament, once you meet, you can't resist it like a fate. Xue Xiaochan said: "People who like drama are mostly like the laziness, indulging, fearing... and the indescribable affection for Chinese traditional culture." That is the deep affection of traditional culture [url=www.usacigs365.com]Newports Wholesale[/url], poetic lyrics. In combination with the sound of the flute that is crisp and far-reaching, it brings a tremor to the depths of the soul. What kind of sound is the Kunqu Opera? It is a long-lasting sound in the vast time, such as the creek of the creek that sweeps away the inner corners of the human heart. It is like a soft and soft satin wrapped around you, singing a sigh of slow and long, making you quiet and leisurely. It will take you to the courtyard of Yan Yan [url=www.usacigs365.com]Newport Regular Cigarettes[/url], the spring is full of spring, no cold, and weaving a beautiful Jiangnan dream for you. It's like a glass of liqueur, and you want a cup of a cup when you are drunk. It is a bit embarrassing, so that you just want to lie quietly [url=www.100scigarettes.com]Newport 100 Cigarettes Online[/url], listen to a Jinping person's shallow chanting and confide in the heart. Kunqu has no it, the only beauty word. Its wonderful point is difficult to be with the favorite words of the monarch is the shackles, the six-day too lively and delicate, the old and the old-fashioned arrogance, the most loved or dignified and quiet everyone, a simple and elegant sly, not too many The decoration of the dragonfly, this is the reason why I like costumes. When the singer Fu powder appeared on the scene, the full head of Zhu Cui also trembled twitching [url=www.smokingsalestore.com]Wholesale Cigarette[/url], screaming and swaying. Lightly open the lips, gently move the lotus steps, the small steps of the water drifting, a folding fan half-masked face [url=www.cheapcigarettesfamily.com]Newport 100S Carton Price[/url], a glimpse of a glimpse, sing a song "soap robe", "originally The lingerige of the willow. It is incredible to die for love, to be born of love. The costumes in the secluded are also good-looking, the white flowers and the white souls that grow to the ankles. It��s not the South China Sea. The Guanyin now also likes niche, and the elegant and book-like singer, once the sing of life, is a love song for young people. On the night of the white wind and clear weather, I should listen to the "Yu Yu Ji" piano pick a fold, "Moon Mingyun lightly reveals Huanong, � pillows listen to the four wall ��, hurt the autumn Song Yu Yu Fu Xifeng, the leaves are scared and dreams, the number of leisurely dust is red." The way to express feelings is that the delicate and subtle Kunqu songs are also excellent. The temperament of Kunqu Opera belongs to the literati. It conforms to the aesthetics of the literati, and it will never become a popular drama. The year of listening to Kunqu is still very short. When I hate to meet young people, it seems to have stunned me, indulge in it, and forget the fireworks on earth. I like Kunqu's like to be so narrow and single-minded. I rarely listen to other dramas and lingering with Kunqu. It is hard to give up. I am fortunate to be born in this world. I can hear the sounds of Shengshi at home. It is really crazy. If you have a good friend, don��t sing Yang Yang, let me be the friend of Kunqu!
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