At the end of

At the end of the year, the romantic breeze glides over the face and walks slowly along the long river embankment. The deep and shallow rivers also play the footsteps of the time, playfully pat the shore grass, drown and retreat, and go back and forth. I don't know how to burn out. I sit on the stone bench and watch the slow flowing water. The head pillow is breezy, fake for a moment, happy and happy, forget the worldly customs, and lock the heart into the red dust, looking for the first life. The heart is swaying and the red leaves go to the end of the world with your rhythm. With the deep water, you can't keep up with your progress. Choose to send acacia on the other side. When the breeze passes by, listen carefully to the whispers and sneak into the distance. Greetings, the most loved moment of this misty rain, tenderness like water, put on a lot of fascinating moods, open the words and sentences written for you, sketched into your Jiangnan, more afraid of disturbing your dreams, let you Pillow to the slight warm wind to sleep []Newport 100S Cigarettes[/url], gently shake the smoke and rain to smother the soft and peaceful sunshine to you, Can Ruo Xing's eyes condense a few more galloping, put down the flowers and flowers in the few sections of life dreams []Newports 100S[/url], no life and death Follow, I hope that the boat will be squandered for you, and the boat that has been stranded will be full of thoughts and return to the dream of Jiangnan. The heavy stone door will seal those people��s things, quietly covering the dust in the heart, not disturbing those things. Savour the old wine of the age, sigh and sigh with the Jiangnan poetry that you have met with you in this rain []Cheap Cigarette Cartons[/url], and you can also interpret the pure blue and white flowers into the depths of the dreamy flowers, and sinter the sorrows before you get drunk. The white-skinned eyes have countless vicissitudes of life, and the only book that has been sent from the clouds has been smeared, erasing the paleness of time, and the more pure and pure love is like the wine buried under the tree, a drink, a fragrant, Pressing the rhythm of the rhythm, slowly savoring the young and ignorant of the honey, now only the segments of the breeze pillow are reminiscent []Cigarette Wholesale[/url], swaying in the dream, the smoke is not entangled in the dreams, if you are the joy of the dream The source will take root with her, and grow up in the jungle that is for the sake of love. During the years, the years of laughter and play are fascinating, and the years that can��t go back have lost the usual hustle and bustle. Whether the smoke and rain are shaking like the age of the sun, compressing the laughter and laughter in the annual ring to the most beautiful moments []Cigarettes Types[/url], sharing the beautiful mountains and rivers, going to the letter of the beautiful scenery book to give you a letter, and depicting Jiangnan��s good feelings in the same soul. In the middle, Lanzhou swayed through the heart of the river, sailed to the harbor of love, lightly supported the bamboo raft, and loved the feelings in the four seasons. The layers of forests faded away from the lead, returning to the heart of the moment, blushing the breeze, the smoke and the tired of you The headrest Jiangnan scenery fell asleep.
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