Gordon Ranked Second in Missed Tackles in 2017 According to Pro Football Focus Color Rush Kyzir White Jersey , Melvin Gordon ranked second in the NFL in missed tackles accumulated as a rusherwith 48 (MT’s as a receiver were not included). Kansas City’s rookie sensation Kareem Hunt landed comfortably in first place with a whopping 61 tackles avoided.As the workhorse for the Chargers running attack, Gordon finally broke through the 1000-yard rushing plateau in 2017, a mark that eluded him by just three yards the prior season when injured his hip attempting to recover a fumble against the Carolina Panthers. He ended 2016 with 997 yards after he failed to return for either of the final three games.He finished 2017 with 1,105 yards on the ground and eight rushing touchdowns. Through the air, Gordon snagged 58 passes for 476 yards and four touchdowns. His 1 Color Rush Philip Rivers Jersey ,581 total yards from scrimmage were a career high while his 12 total touchdowns matched his career-high set from the previous season.With the addition of Mike Pouncey at the center position and projected starter Forrest Lamp coming back from his ACL tear, the sky is still the limit for Gordon as the offensive line looks to be as talented as they’ve been in recent memory.What are your predictions for Melvin Gordon this season? Does he take a leap forward or a step in the wrong direction? Let us know what you think. Andy:“Another week in the books!Ah-HA!I love it!”Jon:“Another week closer to those sweet, sweet draft picks.”Vance: “Another week on borrowed time. With Hue getting the boot, I even lost my $200 bet on first coach fired! It seems there’s nothing I can control any more..”. . .Andy:Now, let me check the power levels of our rival clubs. Andy: WHAT??This scouter is on the fritz.The Chargers didn’t even PLAY this week!Jon: What’s the big deal?Let me check my scouter.-In Unison:“EXACTLY NUMBER 5?? They’re (marginally) higher than before!!!”. . .Ladies and gentlemen Youth Austin Ekeler Jersey , welcome back to our weekly variety show! The Power Rankings Roundup (the above referenced power levels to the uninitiated) are an arguably arbitrary system of making sense of which teams are improving and which are falling out of favor. That said, it is possible that an assortment of Power Rankings is the most trustworthy resource for measuring a team’s impact for one simple reason: There is no true metric for their order. That’s right- they list how each media conglomerate feels about a team.Wins are the most important method for determining a team’s ranking, but quality of wins is right behind that. For instance, a powerful team that barely scrapes by against a bottom feeder will lose ranking in a given week. A spunky fight in a loss might catapult a team up a few levels. These are all elementary basics to the Power Ranking system, but one of the most fascinating discrepancies between outlets is how they deal with the uncanny BYE WEEK.The Chargers did not play anyone this week Youth Darius Philon Jersey , but they also did not lose. Their biggest rival, the Chiefs, beat another AFC West contender, the Broncos. The Raiders have pretty much thrown the towel in for this season (and the Broncos are on their way to the same end).Let’s dispense with the GIFs and get right to a roundup, shall we?ESPN.com1. Los Angeles Rams2. Kansas City Chiefs3. New Orleans Saints4. New England Patriots5. Los Angeles Chargers6. Carolina Panthers7. Pittsburgh Steelers8. Minnesota Vikings9. Philadelphia Eagles10. Baltimore RavensUSA Today1. Los Angeles Rams2. New Orleans Saints3. New England Patriots4. Kansas City Chiefs5. Los Angeles Chargers6. Pittsburgh Steelers7. Washington Redskins8. Carolina Panthers9. Minnesota Vikings10. Philadelphia EaglesSB Nation1. Los Angeles Rams2. New England Patriots3. Kansas City Chiefs4. New Orleans Saints5. Los Angeles Chargers6. Pittsburgh Steelers7. Carolina Panthers8. Chicago Bears9. Washington Redskins10. Philadelphia EaglesCBS.com1. Los Angeles Rams2. New Orleans Saints 3. New England Patriots4. Kansas City Chiefs5. Los Angeles Chargers6. Pittsburgh Steelers7. Washington Redskins 8. Carolina Panthers9. Minnesota Vikings10. Baltimore RavensBleacher Report1. Los Angeles Rams (8-0)2. Kansas City Chiefs (7-1)3. New England Patriots (6-2)4. New Orleans Saints (6-1)5. Los Angeles Chargers (5-2)6. Washington Redskins (5-2)7. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2-1)8. Cincinnati Bengals (5-3)9. Carolina Panthers (5-2)10. Minnesota Vikings (4-3-1)NFL.com1. Los Angeles Rams2. New England Patriots3. Kansas City Chiefs4. New Orleans Saints5. Los Angeles Chargers6. Carolina Panthers7. Pittsburgh Steelers8. Minnesota Vikings9. Washington Redskins10. Chicago BearsBusiness Insider1. Los Angeles Rams2. New Orleans Saints3. Kansas City Chiefs4. New England Patriots 5. Los Angeles Chargers6. Carolina Panthers7. Pittsburgh Steelers8. Chicago Bears9. Washington Redskins10. Houston TexansAverage Rating: 5.0Most Common Rating: 5.0It’s really no surprise that the Chargers are staying put at 5 Youth Virgil Green Jersey , having not lost— what is surprising is that no other teams have impressed enough to jump above them in the national radar. One thing is for sure- this will not stay the same next week. A win over Seattle will put them in with the league’s best contenders. A loss will have them falling toward the bottom of the top 10.-Jason “Animation Nerd” Michaels Custom Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys
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