A copy of Fallout 76 as a gift buying a Hard Drive for PS4 is the new proposal of some German dealer

buy Fallout 76 Bottle Caps It is evident that Bethesda has done wrong with his Fallout 76 in fact the game is very far from being perfect and the recent missteps made by the company (questionable repayment policies microtransactions and much more) have certainly not helped. However it seems that things have gone even worse in Germany.

According to McStaken he did not want to enter but he accidentally ended up participating in another event. In short we are not faced with a case like that of the developer room. However he entered the mysterious Vault of Fallout 76 McStaken found it partially furnished complete with a supervisor's office a kitchen in ruins and a terminal with the words: "Nice Work Assholes".

As reported Dualshockers after giving a copy of Fallout 76 buying a used controller the German retailers have kicked off another curious bundle starring Fallout 76 which includes a package containing a Seagate Hard Drive for PS4 plus a copy of the game for 79.80 euros (about 89.50 dollars). The problem is that in America the only Hard Drive has a cost of 89.86 dollars so the German retailer Media Markt is actually paying the difference of those about 0.36 cents to get rid of a copy of Fallout 76. Of course the news it also arrived on Reddit (through a photo of the bundle) and the employees of the other stores wasted no time in commenting confirming that they too are trying to dispose of the (many) last copies of the game left unsold.

Apparently McStaken managed to get out of the Vault without problems. His fear however was to be banned from the game since Bethesda had already reacted very harshly to similar cases. Fortunately for him he managed to enter the Vault without using third-party applications. So as confirmed by Bethesda itself cheap Fallout 76 Bottle Caps it will not be sanctioned. Jessica Finster the publisher's community manager also added that it is still under construction and it is still early to explain how they will be integrated with the game. However Bethesda is happy when similar cases are reported so she can intervene in a timely manner.

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