Oil diffusion pump

Compared with the diffuse jet pump, the pumping capacity and maximum outlet pressure of the oil diffusion pump are much lower, so the heating power of the pump is also lower.Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Sale

The diameter of the oil diffusion pump boiler is usually equal to (or less than) the diameter of the pump mouth. The heat load of oil diffusion pump boiler with pumping speed greater than 500L/S does not exceed 2-2.5W/cm2.Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump In Salt Production Process

In oil diffusion pumps, the power dissipated by oil evaporation is usually 60% to 70% of the total power, and the rest is the power to compensate for various heat losses. The main losses in diffusion pumps are as follows: heat transfer from the heater surface to the outside through the boiler wall (20% - 25%); heat transfer along the pump wall from the heated boiler to the inner cooling pump body (10% - 15%);Roots vacuum pump

Radiation from the surface of the diversion tube to the pump wall and heat conduction of mixture of gas and steam from the diversion tube to the pump wall (5% - 10%). If the pump structure is better, the heat loss can be reduced to 10% - 15% of the total power.rotary vane vacuum pump

For example, insulating the heater of the pump and the boiler can obviously reduce the heat loss. If the closed heater is used, there is no air layer between the bottom of the pot and the heater, then the heating power can be well utilized.Water ring vacuum pump

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps
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