Atlas tries to grind away some of the grind

buy Ark Season Pass CDK Atlas is a survival game with a fantasy pirate flavor. Dropped into a world inhabited by thousands of other players you're tasked with conquering territory building ships hunting down that pirate favorite - buried treasure - recruiting a crew and generally plundering your way around the world. All that adventuring is made much tougher thanks to the brutal survival mechanics of the game including making sure your character is getting the right vitamins - I haven't even figured that out in real life - and traversing the huge world that's roughly 45,000 square kilometers in size.

Atlas proudly declares it’s from some of the makers of Ark: Survival Evolved and its heritage is evident in the UI the bugginess the grind… and how popular it’s become despite all that. Like Ark it dreams a big dream that few games rival even if it is a mess. So I hope enjoy a slightly less tedious dream you wild-eyed seadreamers.

Atlas has a world packed with animals and taming them is a big part of surviving. They're not always friendly the first creature I met was a very pissed off bee buy Ark Accounts but that will yield valuable resources that are crucial to surviving the game. Taming animals - like parrots - involves trapping them and feeding them to win their trust - but there haven't be any reports of chatty birds so far.

The announcement also boasted that since launch “our crashes have statistically reduced by 97%+” but that’s not much comfort given the state it was in. Crashes have been far from the only bugs too. Like Ark it’s a real big mess and people are still buying it in droves. Atlas was the fourth-best selling game on Steam last week. Because what else can aspiring virtuapirates do – play Sea Of Thieves? Some other pirate game that doesn’t let them eat shit and die?

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