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We are coming to a point where there's not one game that does not have its own battle royale style. But evn Maplestory 2 Mesos for sales Counter-Strike has jumped onto the bandwagon and contains its own battle royale now! Mushking Royale, its own battle royale, was announced earlier this year. While it was originally only active from July 20 to 22, the mode has since come back following the match's full launching back on October 10.

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Developed in South Korea, the match feature plenty of farming and grinding that the hardcore Maplers entirely embraced. On the other hand, the optimistic and colorful world with a playful aesthetic that allowed players to make their perfect avatar attracted a more casual audience that primarily played to socialize and style their own avatar. Then in 2005, the game was released to the US and became a cult classic. It ultimately shifted how MMO games were perceived.

After about a decade since the original game has been released to Western audiences, MapleStory 2 was released in South Korea. The match had its own tables turned; indicating a huge departure from the original grind fest it had been known for back then. The side-scrolling screens dropped by the wayside and were promptly replaced with a completely 3D environment.

The extra layer of being recognized for how your avatar seems, pictures and emotes is one of MapleStory 2's most significant strengths. While its cutesy charm and inherent emphasis on styling your avatar may turn off some Western fans, users will probably be amazed to see how social MMO can feel when each avatar shows a visual representation of the player behind the PC keyboard.

With the trend surrounding the battle royale genre, it is not a great deal of surprise that favorite games like MapleStory 2 are integrating it into their game too. The game has been flourishing in South Korea and China for three decades now; after two beta phases for Western viewers, a global MapleStory 2 version was launched.

At this era, no match Maple M Mesos would be complete without a stand-alone battle royale mode. Since the goal of MapleStory 2 would be to try and attract more Western players this year, there was a unanimous agreement that adding such a mode within the sport was the best way to reach them out. Not even MapleStory 2 is secure from the seemingly omnipotent genre, it seems.
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