Atlas is a pirate themed survival MMO set in a massive world

buy Ark Season Pass CDK Grapeshot Games is a spin off development team started by Studio Wildcard. Atlas is a pirate themed survival MMO set in a massive world. Players will sail the high seas as they travel around and make their mark on the world as a pirate an explorer or whatever else may catch their fancy.

Despite the fact that only 32 percent of its reviews are positive the pirate-themed survival MMO from the creators of Ark: Survival Evolved has remained a Steam top-seller since day one and it pulls decently sized crowds on Twitch too. The game’s launch—even after a much-publicized countdown that ultimately led not to a release but a last-second delay—showed that Atlas wasn’t yet able to live up to its lofty ambitions. Straight out the gate the game prevented players from logging in entirely.

The servers were lagging quite heavily during testing Ark: Survival Evolved Account which made combat difficult. There’s a good variety of weapon types in the later half of the skill tree so players will have a lot of options to fit their preferred fighting style. There is also a decent balance between the number of ranged and melee weapons. Due to the slow experience gain players will also be spending quite a bit of time with basic weapons like the stone spear.

In recent days those choppy waters and dark clouds have given way to a few thin rays of sun. Developer Grapeshot Games has released patch after patch with the aim of squashing bugs and filing some edges off the game’s grindier aspects. Steam reviewers seem to appreciate the effort and the game’s potential has begun to shine through.

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