Fallout 76: new criticisms in Bethesda for the Nuka-Cola Dark bottles

Fallout 76 Caps The new year of Bethesda does not start in the best way: the rum bottle of Nuka-Cola Dark sold for $ 80 dollars by the Silver Screen Bottling Company with official Bethesda license proved to be a simple plastic cast reproduction containing a rum of poor quality. If we add a printed paper label arrived in the homes of many even low-cut fans no wonder if the Twitter accounts of Fallout and Bethesda are catching fire: there are hundreds of tweets of complaint and still no response has come from of the company.

As reported Comicbook in the universe of the game the Nuka-Cola Dark represents the attempt of the (fictitious) company to enter the alcohol market in reality the reproduction of this product is sold by Silver Screen Bottling Company for about 80 dollars. The problem is however that the many users who pre-ordered the product in September are now complaining about the materials chosen by Bethesda far from quality. In fact examining the bottle you immediately realize how it is made not of glass but of simple plastic the label is instead a simple color print applied with a little adherent glue.

The package sold at $ 80 by Silver Screen Bottling Company under an official Bethesda license (or at least that is what the company's official website suggests) includes a reproduction of the famous Rum bottle made by the fictitious Nuka-Cola company for enter the mass market of alcoholic beverages.

In short it seems that most buyers have been very disappointed by the product offered by Bethesda cheap Fallout 76 Bottle Caps the most popular complaint is undoubtedly the poor quality / price ratio of the bottle of rum.

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